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Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls Year-Round

Many slips, trips and falls are related to common workplace issues such as tangled cords, liquid on the floor, stairs and clutter.

Use these tools to make your employees aware of these risks and prevent accidents from happening.

Slips and falls "Employer guide"


Employer tips

Use the Employer's Guide to help you identify problem areas and for tips on things you can do to your workplace to prevent slips, trips and falls.

Customize SFM's slips, trips and falls audit form for your organization. Use it as a guide for surveying your workplace.

"Wintertime slips and falls" 5-minute solution


Training tools

Use any or all of SFM's slips, trips and falls 5-Minute Solutions as a mini-training talk you can give to employees in less than five minutes.

Slips, trips and falls - English
Slips, trips and falls - Spanish
Slips, trips and falls: Avoid at transitions
Slips, trips and falls: Office safety
Slips, trips and falls: Outdoor safety




Slips and falls posters

Slips and falls table tents

Slips and falls paycheck stuffers 


Awareness tools

Use posters, table tents, envelope stuffers and email attachments to generate awareness among employees. There are six in the series. Use one each week to keep the topics fresh.

Table Tent
Broken egg:
Wipe up. Pick up. Avoid a slip up.
Straighten it. Don't trip on it.
Get a grip. Don't trip. Use handrails.
Water fountain:
A puddle. A drip. Avoid a slip.
Tidy up. Don't trip up.
Stay on your feet. Don't get tied up.
Don't you dare stand on a chair.
Be a good example. Use a step stool.
"Slips and falls" CompTalk  

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