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Not your typical insurance companyOur culture image

Compassionate and caring

Much like the healthcare industry, workers’ compensation is a people business. We help people who are injured on the job and work with them on a personal level to get them back to health, productivity, and ultimately, their livelihood. Employees genuinely care and have empathy for what injured workers are experiencing.

That empathy applies to SFM coworkers, too. SFM has an intimate, family feel that is truly unique. Life is sometimes messy and doesn't always go as planned. SFM recognizes that people are more than their jobs. Employees from the top down go out of their way to support coworkers who are going through tough situations.

Collaborative and open to new ideas

SFM employees work as part of multi-functional teams, learning from one another and offering insights from different perspectives. Our flat organizational structure is different than the more hierarcial models you traditionally find at many companies. It's not about who has the most important title or who has been here the longest. Employees of all levels and roles work side-by-side, are respected, and are encouraged to openly share their ideas and experience. SFM recognizes employees for innovative thinking. Those who put themselves out there are empowered and given opportunities to grow.

Supportive of work-life balance

SFM believes your career and your life should be mutually rewarding, not mutually exclusive. We know that good work-life balance is not only the right thing to do, but it leads to employee satisfaction and better productivity. We offer shorter work days, flexible scheduling options, and a generous paid-time-off program so employees can focus on what matters most — them and their families.

Technologically savvy

In addition to offering cutting-edge technology to our customers, we provide the same to our employees. SFM provides the latest equipment to help employees work efficiently. Our onsite IT team builds software from the ground up that employees use to do their jobs. Software enhancements are made based on employees' needs. SFM also offers a robust intranet site that provides easy access to tools and resources, and allows employees to collaborate and build a strong online community.

Friendly and down to earth

Management greets employees in the hallways and strikes up conversations in the elevator. Bob, our CEO, knows employees by their first names and welcomes them to stop by his office.

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