SAM administrator registration form for agency principals

Make managing your agency’s SFM Agency Manager (SAM) accounts easier by making one of your team members an administrator.

Administrators have access to:

  • Create new SAM user accounts
  • Inactivate SAM accounts when someone leaves
  • Set up direct deposit commissions or enable someone else at your agency to do so

Complete the simple form below to let us know who your agency administrator should be, and we’ll send them login credentials and all of the information they will need to get started.

    I understand that the SFM Agency Manager (SAM) Administrator will have permission to create and maintain user accounts for my agency, which includes but is not limited to: create a user, change user passwords and other user information, activate a user, inactivate a user, select active locations for a user, view obsolete locations, view SAM authority, set up direct deposit commission payments and enable another user to set up direct deposit commission payments. I am submitting this SAM Administrator Registration Form and agreeing to these terms and conditions in my capacity as an Agency Principal.