SAM registration form

If you have questions about SAM or the registration process, contact your underwriter or call (800) 937-1181.

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  • Location information

  • If this SAM user account is for specific locations only, list them here.
  • Access to confidential information

    SAM users are able to access confidential information about policyholders and their claims.

    SAM allows agency administrators to maintain user accounts for their agency. Specifically, an agency administrator can: create a user, change user passwords and other information, activate a user, inactivate a user, select active locations for a user, view obsolete locations, view SAM authority. Prior to enabling this capability, SFM staff will verify your agency administrator status with the agency principal below.
  • Agency principal information

    Note that the registration process may be delayed if we are unable to contact this individual for authorization.

  • SAM terms and conditions