Class code change for furloughed employees

Workers’ compensation ratings bureaus have addressed the situation of workers who have been furloughed, but are still being paid.

Statistical code 0012, for payroll going to furloughed employees who are not working from home, has been adopted by the Wisconsin Compensation Rating Bureau, the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Insurers Association and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (applicable in states including Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota).

The rate for this code is $0.00. 

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  • What is the rate for 0012 in Wisconsin?

  • The rate for 0012 in Wisconsin is $0.00, so no premium will generate for the payroll in that code.

  • Can insureds classify payroll into that class if their workers are working part time instead of full time but are paid for full time? Basically do those hours paid for them not working count as 0012?

  • The answer to this question can differ by state. Please reach out to your SFM underwriter for guidance on this.

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