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Expert risk management resources available to you

You have made a prudent decision to add Employment Practices Liability coverage as an endorsement to your SFM workers' compensation policy.
Your EPL coverage includes the following expert risk management resources:

  • Training modules for both managers and employees. Includes tracking reports so you can document individual training progress. Modules include sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination and others. Enables you to manage registration and use of the site.
  • Model employment handbook content and forms. For example, sexual harassment, employment-at-will, discipline, workplace rules, employment application form, performance review form.
  • Best practices to help you avoid triggering employment practices charges.
  • Library relating to important employment laws.

Using these resources can help you:

  • Prevent employee harassment and discrimination claims.
  • Demonstrate proof of compliance regarding employee training. Strengthens your legal defense should a claim be filed against you.

Access these resources

  1. Login here, or using the button at the top of this page.
    Note that this takes you to a website managed by a third party, Hartford Steam Boiler and Inspection Insurance Co. (HSB), whom SFM has partnered with to make EPL coverage available to you.
  2. Select "Register here," then "Register a new organization."
  3. Under “Registration-About You” fill out the information and click “Next.”
  4. Under “Terms of Use” click “Agree,” then “Submit.” You will see a screen containing your organization code. You will also receive a confirmation email with this code.

"Organization code": Save your code in a safe place. New users (employees) will need it when they register to use the site. This number will associate them with your organization. Note that your organization code is case-sensitive.

First person registering: The first person who registers your organization will automatically default as the site administrator. The site administrator will receive a confirmation email. The email will give the site administrator the option of scheduling a free telephone walk-through of the features of the site.

Site administrator

The site administrator sets up initial access to the site and has access to functions under the Control Panel including:

  • Training function. Approve training of registered users. Change the default settings for online training for the organization.
  • Users function. Approve pending users who have self-registered. Invite employees to self-register. Add new users (the administrator registers users vs. users registering themselves). Edit user information. Delete users.
  • Profiles function. Configures features of the site according to your company's needs. Give or remove permissions for users to access features. Use the system's default user profiles or create custom profiles.
  • Reports function. View site use and training classes taken.

Employee users

Once your organization has been registered, you can invite employees to register and set up access for themselves.

Instruct new users to:

Employees who self-register are added automatically to your organization on the site.


For questions about registering, technical help, or if you've lost your organization code, use the "Tech Support" link in the web page's upper left, or call (888) 712-7667.

For questions about Employment Practices Liability coverage, call SFM at (800) 937-1181 ext. 4344.



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