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Get Up and Move

It does the body good!

Studies show that movement throughout the workday helps prevent pain and strains and keeps employees more productive. Promote movement and stretching in your workplace.

Join SFM in the "Get up and move" groove!

It’s fun for employees and promotes wellness!

Get moving and stretch!

Share these short video demonstrations with your employees.

Walk in place
1. Walk in place
Walking is a great form of exercise and is a great way to warm up.
Arm circles
2. Arm circles
Start by moving your arms in small circles. Make the circles larger. Then switch directions.
Raise the roof
3. Raise the roof
March in place. Push your palms toward the ceiling. Repeat.
High reach
4. High reach
Reach your arms up as high as you can. Hold it. Feel the stretch and repeat.
Shoulder rolls
5. Shoulder rolls
Roll your shoulders up and back. Feel the stretch and switch directions.
Hamstring curl
6. Hamstring curl
Swing you arms while bringing one foot up toward your rear end. Your hands should be down when your foot is up.
7. Punching
Rock from foot to foot while punching with your alternating arms. Do not fully straighten your arm, but take a good swing.
Hand stretches
8. Hand stretches
Make a fist. Hold it. Then open your hands as wide as possible. Repeat the motion to the front, sides and above your head.
Wrist stretch
9. Wrist stretch
Bend your wrist upward toward the ceiling and downward toward the floor. Keep your fingers flexed. Hold it.
Arm circles
10. Neck stretch
Grasp the top of your head and bend your neck gently to each side. Hold it.
Rotation stretch
11. Rotation stretch
Reach up as high as you can and rotate at the hips in both directions.
Backward bend
12. Backward bend
Place your hands on your hips and bend your back, shoulders and head backwards.
View all the demonstrations in one video

Promotional materials

Order the Get up and Move packet

Get SFM’s Get up and Move packet to help you start a stretching program. Download a PDF, or if you are a policyholder, order today.

The packet includes:

  • A supervisor’s guide on how to start a stretching program
  • Stretching instructional handouts for employees
  • Posters, table tents and envelope stuffers to promote your program
  • Training tools and more

Move and stretch at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Any time is move time

Having a stretching time, no matter what time of day it is, promotes a routine and ensures employees are taking care of themselves. Hang stretching posters around your workplace and show employees the 20-second stretching videos to get them prepared.

Want proof?


Study in Journal of the National Cancer Institute says sedentary behavior increases the risk of certain cancers

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New research is helping medical experts devise formulas for how long a typical office worker should spend sitting and standing

Studies show that those with a greater amount of screen time increased cardiovascular disease risk by 125 percent

Graphical depiction of the health hazards of sitting

Do something about the 'modern-day desk sentence'

Study indicates that the problem lies in the absence of movement rather than the time spent sitting itself

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