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Safety Committees

Organizing or re-energizing a safety committee can help your business avoid costs that directly affect your bottom line.

A safety committee can:

  • Show upper management's concern for employees' well-being
  • Make workplace safety a more formalized commitment
  • Allow employees to identify and address safety issues
  • Increase employees' safety awareness
  • Save time and money by improving work activities
  • Make management aware of safety issues
  • Reduce the risk of OSHA citations or other state penalties

Who is required to have a safety committee?

Some state laws require employers with more than 25 employees to establish a joint labor-management safety and health committee for their workplace. Employers with 25 employees or fewer may still be required to maintain a committee, depending on the company's safety record and industry.

For all other states, verify if a safety committee is required with your regional OSHA office. In states not required by law to have a safety committee, it is still a good idea to have one.

Committee functions

  • Conduct regularly scheduled meetings
  • Review incidents that resulted in injury or illness, and any "near misses"
  • Take action to correct identified hazards
  • Gather safety-related suggestions from employees
  • Conduct visual surveys of the workplace to identify concerns
  • Promote safety and first-aid training

Avoid these top 10 safety committee mistakes

  1. Roles are not clearly defined
  2. Inadequate size of the committee--too big or too small
  3. Lack of new member training
  4. No formalized meeting agenda
  5. Lack of follow-up
  6. Lack of communication
  7. Management domination
  8. Lack of employee participation
  9. Unable to adapt to change
  10. Lack of budget

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For specific questions or assistance organizing a safety committee, call your SFM loss prevention representative at (952) 838-4200 or (800) 937-1181.

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