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Skip, SFM's safety heroHi, I'm Skip, SFM's safety hero

I'm here to remind you to "Defend yourself" against workplace hazards like slips, trips and falls.

Often times slips, trips and falls can be prevented by simply being aware of hazards and slowing your pace.

Watch SFM's safety videos

Promote safety with your employees using SFM's "Skip" video series.


Check out more Adventures of Skip videos on YouTube:


Order SFM's "Defend yourself against slips, trips and falls" packet

SFM's Defend yourself against slips, trips and falls packet  
It includes tools to help you:
  • Identify slip and fall hazards
  • Implement workplace controls
  • Train employees
  • Promote safety awareness

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Check out additional awareness tools

Use posters, table tents, envelope stuffers and email attachments to generate awareness among employees. There are six in the series. Use one each week to keep the topics fresh.

Slips and falls posters Slips and falls table tents Slips and falls envelope stuffers

Table Tent
NEW! Don't be distracted. PDF
Ladder: Falls are a pain. PDF
Mop: Wipe up. Pick up. Avoid a slip up. YouTube
Cords: Straighten it. Don't trip on it.  
Stairway: Get a grip. Don't trip. Use handrails.  
Water fountain: A puddle. A drip. Avoid a slip.  
Clutter: Tidy up. Don't trip up.  
Hospital: Stay on your feet. Don't get tied up.  
Step stool: Don't you dare stand on a chair.        
Step stool: Be a good example. Don't stand on chairs.        


Use the injury prevention product and vendor list

Use this list to find a variety of products and vendors to expand your injury prevention efforts.

The list includes footwear, ergonomic solutions, industrial hygiene services and other products and services.

Check out the pricing discounts for SFM policyholders.

  Injury prevention product and vendor list

Be your own safety hero

No special powers are needed to prevent workplace injuries.
Promote safety with your employees.

  Skip, SFM's safety hero


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