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Choose the Right Medical Provider

While the choice of where to seek medical treatment is ultimately the employee’s in most states, you can encourage employees to go to a clinic you have a relationship with.

If your company has a preferred medical provider, please let your SFM claims representative know, so that injured employees from your company are referred there when appropriate.

Make sure physicians at your chosen clinic know that you have transitional work available, and that you have a return-to-work program.

If you’re looking for a clinic, seek out a high-quality provider that’s certified in occupational and environmental medicine. Your SFM claims representative can help you find a good medical provider in your area.

Be sure to check your state's guidelines on choosing the right medical provider, as there can be some significant differences between states...

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Prescriptions, Medical Equipment and Diagnostic Tests

When an injured employee needs prescription medication, medical equipment or a diagnostic test as a result of a work injury, SFM has established relationships with service providers that can help fill those needs.

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