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Stay in Contact

Stay in contact with the injured employee, doctor and SFM claims representative

These steps can save your organization money and ensure the employee returns to work as soon as possible.


Your injured employee

  • Visit or call the employee right away.
    Injured employees are most likely to seek out legal representation when they feel abandoned by their employer or uncertain about whether they'll have a job once they recover.

    Contact them to discuss any questions or concerns they may have and to let them know that you'll have light-duty work available if needed when they're medically able to return to work. Ask them to let you know about scheduled doctor visits and changes in their conditions.

    For specific benefits questions that you are unable to answer, contact your SFM claims representative.

    Refer non-English speaking employees to SFM's multi-lingual message line at (952) 838-2020 or toll-free at (800) 922-5246. The employee can leave a message that includes his name, company, telephone number and specific request for information.

    The message will be translated, and the employee will be contacted with a response in his or her native language within 48 hours.
  • Ask whether the employee read the brochure, "You were injured at work...Now what?" The brochure is part of a mailing from SFM. It explains workers' compensation benefits and answers common questions—so the employee is less likely to feel the need to call an attorney.

    See what else the injured employee receives from SFM in each state...

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The primary care doctor

  • Discuss the employee's condition including: physical capabilities, return-to-work status, and date of the next appointment.
  • Send the physician letter regarding return to work to the doctor. It describes the transitional job tasks you have available. Physicians will keep injured employees off work if they don't have the information to determine whether the employee can do his or her job. By telling the physician about job duties and transitional jobs you have available, you can help get the injured employee back to work as quickly as possible.


Your SFM claims representative

  • Pass along any new information about the employee or claim. Be sure to ask questions.

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