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How the Video Library Works


Program overview

  • Current SFM policyholders can participate in the video library program.
  • Stream or order up to three DVD videos a month.
  • DVDs must be returned within 30 days of receiving them by mail or a $10 late fee will be applied per week per video. Access to streaming videos will expire after 30 days. If an extension is needed, call (612) 821-6490, ext 209.
  • DVDs ordered must stay in the registered user's possession and cannot be ordered on behalf of someone else (i.e., an agent for a policyholder).
  • Users are liable for any lost or damaged DVDs.

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Set up an account

If you don't already have a video account, set one up with with Aurora Pictures, the third party that manages the program. To do this:

Preview and order videos

Once you have an account, preview and order videos on Aurora Pictures' website.

Browse videos now 

How to order videos

  1. Go to the Aurora Pictures website and sign in to the "Trainer Login" using the email address and password you received by email when you registered.

    IMPORTANT! You need the password supplied to you by Aurora Pictures to be recognized as an SFM user and receive videos for free.
  2. Go to the "Find Videos" tab to browse and preview videos.
  3. To stream a video, click "Add to Watchlist" and go to the "Watch Videos" tab to view it.

    NOTE: Before streaming videos, test your internet connection to make sure it's compatible for video by previewing any of the videos on Aurora Pictures' website.
  4. To borrow a DVD, click "Rent DVD," then review and submit your order. Your DVD will ship the next business day.

Purchase DVDs by contacting Art Kiffler at Aurora Pictures at 612-843-2209.

Customer support

Inquiry type Contact Phone
General video library questions Lee Wendel (SFM) (952) 838-4425
Account and password help Art Kiffler (Aurora Pictures) (612) 821-6490, ext 209
Video recommendations or questions Art Kiffler (Aurora Pictures) (612) 821-6490, ext 209
TPA questions Debra Mattson (SFM Risk Solutions) (952) 838-4272


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