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Pay-As-You-Go Wage Reporting

SFM's pay-as-you-go online wage reporting system allows policyholders to periodically report payroll for class codes and make workers' compensation premium payments.


  • Internet-based, paperless
  • Immediate wage reporting and premium payment options
  • Easy to use

Your business needs

SFM's secure wage reporting system is designed for policyholders directly billed by SFM, and for those policyholders with more than $1,000 in premium.

It is especially helpful for policyholders with fluctuating cash flows, like landscaping, construction and hospitality businesses because you can make premium payments to match your business.

Getting started

Users with a CompOnline account but no wage reporting access:

If you are already a CompOnline user, then complete the online registration form and make sure to check the box for wage reporting.

Employers with CompOnline access and an account administrator:

If you are not a CompOnline user but your organization already has an account administrator, ask them to sign you up for CompOnline. Then complete the online registration form and make sure to check the box for wage reporting. After proper verification, SFM will assign you as a wage reporting individual for your organization.  

Employers without a CompOnline account:

If you are brand new to CompOnline and your organization doesn't have an account administrator, you'll need to register online. Be sure to check the box for wage reporting.

You'll need to have an owner or officer of your organization authorize you to have access to wage reporting and premium billing information before you are granted access. You will receive a wage reporting notification email once you're registered.


If you have questions about pay-as-you-go wage reporting or your SFM invoice, contact SFM's Finance Team at (800) 937-1181.

For questions about CompOnline, contact SFM's CompOnline support at (800) 937-1181 option 5.


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