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Companion Archive

Learn helpful tips on claims handling, injury prevention, legal issues, controlling costs and keeping your employees productive through SFM's Companion publication.


Feature story

May 2017 Hiring the right people: Diligence prevents problems down the road
January 2017 Danger on the roads: Keeping employees safe in the distraction age
September 2016 Winter-proof your workplace: Skip the stress of slip-and-fall injuries
May 2016 Staying in contact with injured employees: How it helps their recovery and your bottom line
September 2015 How the hotline helps employers
May 2015 Keeping your claims out of court: Our top tips to avoid workers' comp litigation
January 2015 Reporting right away: How timely reporting leads to better outcomes for injured workers
October 2014 A new way to report injuries: Call the SFM Work Injury Hotline to report injuries and talk with a nurse


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