Get to know a claims representative: Joanne Connolly

Joanne Connolly, claims representative
Joanne Connolly

Small Business Accounts Claim Specialist Joanne Connolly has worked at SFM for more than 20 years. We asked Joanne for some details about herself and her role.

How would you describe your role?

My job is to help people who have been injured at work navigate through the system. It can be a little daunting, especially if you have a severe injury. I explain to workers what they are entitled to, help them with understanding what’s being expected of them, and help them move forward with getting appointments set up, getting to the right specialist, things like that. To sum it up, I help injured employees get back to work and navigate a kind of a complicated, convoluted system.

What has caused you to stay in the field of claims adjusting for so long?

I found that after a while working with claims, it’s just a system designed to help people who have been injured and are in a difficult position. That is really the majority of people that we help. That’s why I like it. I get to help people get back up on their feet and get back to work.

Is there a time that stands out to you when your job was particularly rewarding?

Over the years there have been people who have been nice enough to say ‘thank you for your help’ and ‘I appreciate all your time.’ I did have a woman who had a fracture and unfortunately it just wasn’t healing well and she kept having to have surgeries to repair it. During that time, she would often call me and I would reassure her that things would get better, and they eventually did.  When she was back to work without restrictions, after her last appointment she just said that she would miss talking to me all the time. I said, this is how it’s supposed to be, that you heal and you go back to work and you don’t need to talk to me anymore. That’s a good thing. As a token of appreciation sent me this little teeny tiny plant that is now in my living room and it’s like 5 feet tall. She was a nice lady.

What do you like about your job?

I like that it is very diverse. That it’s always changing. I like the medical aspect. I like the legal aspect. I like that every claim and person is different and so things are never boring. There are always new challenges and new situations that come up. I like working for a company that offers so many different supportive services with partnering with our in-house attorneys and physician advisors. It’s just a very different, challenging job that’s never boring.

What words of wisdom do you have for small business employers?

I know small employers have a lot on their plates and they have a lot of responsibilities, but I would always encourage employers to use our resources to keep their employees safe and learn about work comp before an injury happens if possible, but when it does, rely on your adjuster at SFM to help you through the claim. That’s what we’re here for.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love learning new languages, traveling and spending time at our cabin in rural Wisconsin. I love Sudoku and am an avid Walking Dead fan. I love dogs, and we have an adorable Cavapoo. I would love to have cats too, if I wasn’t allergic.

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