Get to know an SFM claims representative

Laurie NeagbourSFM Claims Specialist Laurie Neagbour is a veteran of the workers’ compensation insurance business. She joined SFM in April of 1990 and has held positions in just about every corner of the company over the years.

As a Claims Specialist in the Large Accounts business unit, Neagbour facilitates the claims process for policyholders and injured employees, including investigating claims, determining compensability, and monitoring the claim until successfully resolved with the goal of getting the injured employee back to work.

Neagbour believes communication is the key to good claims handling and a positive experience for everyone involved.

“I like to build a relationship with the policyholder and injured employee,” Neagbour said. “We work as a team to successfully get the employee back to work. I like to make sure they understand the process and that I’m here to answer any questions that they may have. All concerns they have will be taken seriously.”

Her dedication to communication crosses over to her business unit. Over her more than 30 years with SFM, Neagbour has had many great mentors, so she wants to follow that path and share her knowledge with newer team members. She especially wants to share the SFM philosophy with them to promote customer service.

When she’s not working, Neagbour enjoys traveling, watching movies (anything Marvel, in particular) and spending time with her family at home in Savage, Minnesota. She’s lucky to have both of her adult daughters and their families nearby so they can all have dinner once a week together.

Neagbour is one of the experts featured in our recent Claims 101 webinar.

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