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Your Responsibilities

Your employer expects you to help in the recovery process by:

  • Staying in touch with the person in your organization who handles workers' compensation claims. Keep him or her updated on doctor visits, all changes in your condition, and your plans to return to work.
  • Informing your employer of all scheduled doctor visits for your work injury.
  • Giving a copy of the physician's work ability form to your employer immediately after each doctor visit.
  • Working with your SFM claims representative and nurse case manager.
  • Following your doctor's restrictions and communicating to your doctor that your employer provides light-duty work.
  • Asking whether your employer has a preferred medical provider.
  • Calling your SFM claims representative if you have questions, if your address or phone number changes, if your medical or work status changes, if your doctor orders a diagnostic test such as an MRI or you need medical equipment.

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