SFM Foundation fall fundraising event raises record amount

SFM Foundation's fall fundraising event grossed over $41,000 for its scholarship fund, a new record for the organization's fall event. 

The event was held on November 7 at the Bloomington Sheraton Hotel and was attended by 235 supporters and volunteers. 

The evening featured wine and craft beer samples, raffles, a silent auction, light shopping and discounted wine orders.

SFM Foundation President Linda Williams and Executive Director Lindsay Henningsgaard delivered a short program an hour into the evening to showcase the Foundation's unique and important mission. Attendees also watched a video of scholarship recipients and their families describing the impact the scholarships have made on their lives. 

"We raised a record amount of sponsorships and donations this year," said Williams. "It's wonderful to see how our events continue to grow each year and how that ultimately increases how many families we are able to support."

"I'm very grateful for the sponsors, donors and volunteers who contributed to the event's success," said Henningsgaard.

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