SFM leaders receive promotions, new responsibilities

SFM has announced new job titles and responsibilities for several of the organization’s senior leaders. The following changes were recommended by Terry Miller, SFM’s President and CEO, and approved by the Board of Directors on August 31.

SFM has promoted Jody Rogers to Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. Rogers had previously held the title of SVP, Human Resources. Adding the CHRO designation to her title is designed to reflect her role in corporate management and decision making.

“Jody’s guidance on all things people, benefits, compensation and equity for all employees has been invaluable to our management team as we move forward through a challenging job economy,” Miller said. “Her deep understanding of compensation, benefits, flexibility and community involvement fundamentally supports our ability to hire, train and retain our workforce.”

Another change comes in the form of a new job title for Steve Sandilla, now Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer. Prior to this promotion, Sandilla’s title was SVP, Strategic Business Operations.

“Steve has more than earned the C-suite designation,” Miller said. “Steve’s expertise and dedication to SFM’s success come through in our positive results and make it clear that he deserves the Chief Business Officer title.”

SFM has also promoted Kathy Bray to the role of Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer (previously serving as VP, General Counsel and Secretary). Bray continues to function as SFM Mutual Insurance Company’s Board Secretary, also overseeing corporate and board governance, regulatory and risk compliance, and workers’ compensation defense through SFM’s in-house law firm (Lynn, Scharfenberg & Hollick).

“Kathy has clearly moved SFM forward, contributing not only legal wisdom but a keen business mind to our meetings, conversations and projects,” Miller said.

SFM has also created a Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) position for financial and regulatory reporting. The responsibilities are similar to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position that Chris Anderson has held since 2018, and Anderson will be SFM’s new VP and CAO.

“This change allows SFM to benefit from Chris’s outstanding strengths in accounting, financial reporting, regulatory, premium tax and income tax compliance,” Miller said. “In addition, he will be able to address the requirements introduced by SFM’s expanding territory of coverage and the increasing demand for information we see from regulators.”

The final change is a promotion for Amanda Aponte, now Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, Aponte will continue to perform the key components from the VP, Chief Risk Officer role that she previously held, plus the added responsibility of overseeing the Finance team.

“As CRO, Amanda had been responsible for investments and reserves, and adding full oversight of the financial reporting is a logical step for Amanda and for SFM,” Miller said. “This move reflects the changing role we’re seeing in the finance leadership positions today, toward a greater focus on forecasting and managing enterprise risk.”

According to Miller, these changes are designed to position SFM for continued success, both in the near term and for many years to come.

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