SFM offers new assistance program for injured workers

BLOOMINGTON, Minnesota, November 8, 2017 — SFM is now offering an innovative service to help injured workers deal with struggles of everyday life they may be facing.

The Injured Worker and Family Assistance Program is available to injured employees whose workers’ compensation claims are being handled by SFM, as well as their household members and dependents.

A group of SFM claims representatives recommended creating the program after seeing injured workers struggle with a variety of personal issues that workers’ compensation benefits can’t account for.

Through the program, injured workers and family members can receive services similar to those offered by traditional employee assistance programs such as:

  • Counseling for a variety of issues such as mental health or strained relationships
  • Help with weight loss or smoking cessation
  • Assistance finding child care
  • Help with housing needs
  • Financial consultation
  • Self-paced online programs to address depression, anxiety and other issues

These services are offered through Magellan Healthcare, a national provider of employee assistance programs. Any personal information employees share through the service is kept confidential, and SFM receives no identifiable information about who uses the service. The service is free to injured workers and their families.

To connect with services, injured employees covered by SFM can:

The services provided through this program are not required by workers’ compensation law, and do not constitute workers’ compensation benefits. Rather, this program is an innovative, value-added offering for SFM policyholders.

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