SFM releases 2021 annual review

SFM recently released its 2021 annual review, which highlights SFM's 2021 accomplishments.

For SFM, 2021 represents a story of remarkable success. Our written premium soared to a new high of $212 million and we are now serving more customers than ever, following a record $30 million in new premium last year.

Other 2021 highlights include:

  • Combined ratio of an exemplary 90%, which is a key measure of financial performance (and marks a tenth straight year under 100%)
  • 96.6% policyholder retention rate, which demonstrates unsurpassed customer loyalty
  • -4% pricing reduction, which means lower premiums for policyholders year over year

At SFM, our commitment to service drives our results – not the other way around. Always at the center of the target is our dedication to doing the next right thing – for policyholders, their employees, independent agents and the community around us.

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