Share SFM resources for policyholders to prevent winter slips and falls

Winter slips and falls are a leading cause of work-related injuries in the Midwest, and among the most common categories of claims SFM receives during the winter months. For winter slip-and-fall injuries resulting in at least one day away from work, the average number of days required to recover from these types of injuries varies from 5-13 days in SFM’s core states. This results in significant claim costs for employers, and pain and suffering for injured workers.

You can help policyholders prevent winter slips and falls by reminding them to use SFM’s free resources. We offer winter slip-and-fall prevention posters, safety training materials, videos and more on Visit the “Avoid winter slips and falls” page on to find statistics on winter slips and falls, and a listing of resources to use, order or download.

You can also remind policyholders that they can order a winter slips and falls packet, which includes tools for supervisors, campaign activity recommendations, traction footwear information, training tools, penguin posters, table tents and more. Company leaders can use these tools to educate staff on the precautions to take to avoid slips and falls at work.

You can order the packet from the “Avoid winter slips and falls” page, or through our resource catalog.

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