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Legal Services

SFM's expert legal services, specializing in workers' compensation law, identify and pursue legal avenues for controlling claim costs. Their results help you control your workers' compensation costs.

SFM's in-house law firm

Lynn, Scharfenberg & Hollick (LSH) is comprised of experienced attorneys specializing in workers' compensation law. They are among the best workers' compensation attorneys in the region.

LSH attorneys:

  • Represent and defend SFM policyholders in litigation, with high litigation win rates
  • Integrate legal expertise into SFM's results-oriented claims management through in-house attorneys who team with SFM claims adjusters on problematic cases, a distinctive feature of SFM

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As an SFM policyholder, you are welcome to call for free legal advice on workers' compensation and other employment-related matters. It's better to avoid legal problems earlier than to litigate them later.


SFM pursues the recovery of dollars when injuries involve third parties, such as the manufacturer of faulty equipment.

  • High success rates: As a percentage of claim costs, SFM's subrogation recoveries are substantially higher than the industry norm.
  • Reduce your premium: Dollars recovered third parties directly reduce your claim costs, which reduces the impact on your premium.

Fraud investigation

The experienced special investigators and in-house attorneys from SFM's Special Investigative Unit focus on investigating, evaluating and pursuing claims with red flags. Some cases meet the state's narrow legal definition of fraud. In others, SFM works to stop benefits and recover amounts already paid.


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