Accessibility statement

At SFM, we strive to make using our website a successful and positive experience for everyone, including those using assistive technologies.

Accessibility help

If you have trouble using or accessing any of the content on SFM’s website, please call us at (800) 937-1181 or email us through the contact page of our website. We are happy to assist you in providing the information in a method that works best for you. Please provide specific details, including the web address of the page where you experienced issues.

Third-party websites

SFM is not able to make accessibility accommodations for third-party websites linked from our website.


We are committed to continually improving the accessibility and usability of our digital content, and consider this an ongoing effort. If you have a suggestion on how we can improve the accessibility or usability of our website, please call us at (800) 937-1181 or email us your feedback.