SFM educational webinars

SFM offers educational webinars on workers’ compensation topics for policyholders and agents hosted by our safety and claim experts.

Avoiding litigated claims webinar

In August 2022 we hosted an educational webinar on avoiding litigated work comp claims.

Seasoned claims representative and several work comp attorneys discussed:

  • Why injured employees seek litigation for a work comp claim
  • What the process entails
  • How litigation impacts your business and everyone involved
  • Courses of action and best practices before, during and after litigation
  • Much more, including a Q&A at the end of the hour

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More past webinars

Loss prevention 101 webinar

This webinar covers the basics of a good safety program, including leadership’s role in preventing injuries, how to assess past injuries, identify hazards, communicate to staff, implement safety training, engage staff in safety and more.


Excerpts from the loss prevention 101 webinar

Avoiding winter slips and falls webinar

This webinar covers why winter slip and fall prevention is important, examples of hazards that cause injuries, best practices to identify hazards and investigate the cause, how to implement changes to avoid future injuries and more.


Excerpts from the winter slips and falls webinar

Claims 101 webinar

This webinar covers workers’ compensation claims basics, including a breakdown of the lifecycle of a claim, types of injuries and benefits, how to report an injury, how claims impact an organization’s future premium and more.

Claims 101 webinar still shot


Excerpts from the claims 101 webinar

  • Reporting injuries and return to work
    SFM Loss Prevention Specialist Luke Sammon explains best practices for reporting injuries and the benefits return to work.
  • Lifecycle of a work comp claim
    SFM Claims Specialist Laurie Neagbour describes the typical steps involved in workers’ compensation claims.
  • Covered injuries & benefits for work comp claims
    SFM Claims Specialist D.J. Sjerven explains the types of covered workers’ comp injuries and the benefits injured employees and/or their families may receive.
  • What is an e-mod?
    SFM Senior Marketing Underwriter Nathan Gaffaney explains experience modifications (e-mods) and how claim activity can impact an organization’s future premium.

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