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Driving Safety: An SFM webinar for policyholders | June 26, 2024 10-11 am CDT

Driving safety webinar

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 10-11am CDT

Join us for our next educational webinar as we dive into the impact of driving-related workers’ compensation claims. During the webinar, SFM professionals will share their extensive knowledge on:

  • Why driving is the most dangerous work activity
  • Types of driving-related injuries
  • The claims process, including investigations
  • How to prevent driving incidents and establish a safe driving program
  • The consequences of a driving-related injury for the company and the employee
  • Much more, including a question-and-answer session at the end

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Past webinars

Hiring and onboarding webinar

Learn how good hiring practices can protect employers, ways to attract quality applicants, interviewing tips and tools, safety training as part of the onboarding process, how to handle performance issues, and claim outcomes including real-life examples from our experts.

Foundations of Hiring and Onboarding webinar still shot


Webinar clips:

  • The dos and don’ts of hiring
    Understand how establishing good hiring practices protects employers, ways to attract quality applicants, and provides interviewing tips and tools
  • New hire safety training
    Discover why employers should have an in-depth safety training process for new hires and the importance of evaluations after making a new hire
  • Addressing performance issues
    Learn how performance issues can affect a claim, and how to address performance issues pre-injury and post-injury
  • Claim outcomes related to poor hiring practices
    Hear claim scenarios that demonstrate why a strong hiring process and performance evaluations can prevent issues with claims in the long run

Claims 101 webinar

Learn workers’ compensation claims basics, including a breakdown of the lifecycle of a claim, types of injuries and benefits, how to report an injury, and how claims impact an organization’s future premium.

Claims 101 webinar still shot


Webinar clips:

Avoiding litigated claims webinar

Learn the reasons why an injured employee may seek litigation for a work comp claim, what the litigation process entails, how litigation impacts everyone involved, and best practices before, during and after litigation.

Avoiding litigated claims webinar still shot


Webinar clips:


The fundamentals of a return to work program webinar

Learn how to establish and maintain a return to work program, the benefits of getting an employee back to their pre-injury job, the return to work process, the impact of employer actions, and implications when employees don’t return to work.

The Fundamentals of a Return-to-Work Program webinar video still


Webinar clips:


Loss prevention 101 webinar

Learn the basics of a good safety program, including leadership’s role in preventing injuries, how to assess past injuries, identify hazards, communicate to staff, implement safety training, and engage staff in safety.


Webinar clips:

Winter slips and falls webinar

Learn why winter slip and fall prevention is important, see examples of hazards that cause injuries, discover best practices to identify hazards and investigate the cause, and learn how to implement changes to avoid future injuries.


Webinar clips:

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