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Manage your claims in CompOnline

Our CompOnline® risk management system allows you to manage your claims online and access your workers’ comp data in real-time. It’s especially helpful for mid- to large-size employers who tend to get more claims.

CompOnline lets you:

  • Get emails when an injury is reported through the Work Injury Hotline
  • Report injuries online when the employee has already been treated
  • Access a dashboard of your claims data
  • Track a claim’s progress and expenses
  • View, search and export your claim history
  • Manage claims by location
  • Drill down into specific claims
  • Analyze patterns in your organization’s injuries
  • Customize reports
  • Sign up for email alerts
  • Request or subscribe to loss runs
  • Look up policy and premium information

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Watch our Intro to CompOnline video or ask your claims representative for a demonstration of how CompOnline can help you save time and money on your workers’ compensation claims.

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