How to report a work injury

As soon as you learn that one of your employees has been injured, report the injury to SFM using one of the methods below. Please note that if it’s an emergency, call 911 or get the employee to an emergency care facility before reporting the injury to SFM.

Important notes

Report by phone

Call (855) 675-3501 to report by phone. During business hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m., M-F) you can choose the report-only option (Option 1) if your employee does not need to speak with a nurse. If your employee has already received medical care, is not available for the call, or would not benefit from speaking with a nurse, choose Option 1. If your employee is not sure whether to get medical treatment, choose Option 2 to speak with a nurse. Calls outside of normal business hours will automatically be answered by a nurse.

If you’d like a copy of the claim report, log in to CompOnline®. (Registration is required.)

Report online

Complete the first report of injury form

Report injury >


Report through CompOnline® (Registration is required.)

Report by fax

If you’d rather not call the hotline or report the injury online, you can complete your state’s paper First Report of Injury form and fax it to us at (800) 944-1169. Make sure to keep your fax confirmation sheet for your records to prove that you
reported on time.


Download claim packet

Our claim packet provides a step-by-step guide for managing and reporting work injuries, and the most commonly used forms and resources.

Download claim packet

Next steps if the employee needs medical treatment

If the employee needs medical attention, send along:

You might also want to send along a temporary prescription information form so the employee can get medications needed to treat the injury with no out-of-pocket expense at participating pharmacies . Contact your claims representative if you need a copy.

NOTE: In states outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, SFM works with Gallagher Bassett Services to handle claims. If you are outside of these states, you will need the Gallagher Bassett Services temporary prescription form instead, which is also available through your claims representative.

Ensure the physician knows you offer light-duty, transitional work and ask the employee to return the Work Ability/Return-to-Work form to you after the doctor visit.


Find out what to do after reporting an injury