Report an injury

As soon as you learn that an employee has been injured, follow these steps:

Get emergency care, if needed.

If it’s an emergency, call 911 or get the employee to an emergency care facility.

Call the SFM Work Injury Hotline immediately.*

For all non-emergency injuries, have the employee and his or her supervisor call the SFM Work Injury Hotline together immediately at (855) 675-3501. If no supervisor is available, the employee can call alone. The registered nurse who answers the phone will give your injured employee a treatment recommendation, and report the injury to SFM.

If you’d like a copy of the claim report, log in to CompOnline®. (Registration is required.)

Find out more about what happens when you call the SFM Work Injury Hotline

*Important: Do not call the hotline if…

Next steps if the employee needs medical treatment

If the employee needs medical attention, send along

You might also want to send along a temporary prescription information sheet so the employee can get medications needed to treat the injury with no out-of-pocket expense at participating pharmacies .

NOTE: In states outside of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota, SFM works with Gallagher Bassett Services to handle claims. If you are outside of these states, use the Gallagher Bassett Services temporary prescription form instead.

Ensure the physician knows you offer light-duty, transitional work and ask the employee to return the Work Ability/Return-to-Work form to you after the doctor visit.


Find out what to do after reporting an injury