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Cody Allen honored with IAIABC NextGen Award

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Claim tips

SFM’s claims representatives share their top workers’ compensation tips

SFM 2020 Annual Review


How to keep your workplace safe post pandemic

COVID-19 resources

As your work comp experts, we’re here to answer your questions, including concerns regarding the potential impact of COVID-19 on your workforce and how it relates to workers’ compensation.​ We’ve created a list of resources and are adding to it over time.

Keeping employees safe

Getting hurt at work not only affects employers, it personally affects employees and everyone else who depends on them. SFM is here to help you keep your employees safe, and help injured employees heal and get their lives back.

We’re a safety company, here to help make the world a better and safer place.

Video on how SFM focuses on safety and strives to keep employees safe

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SFM 2020 Annual Review

2020 annual review

SFM’s 2020 accomplishments despite unexpected challenges

De-escalation Team Training - health care

De-escalation training

Hazard-specific de-escalation training talks for health care

If you become injured at work poster

Injured at work poster

What employees should do if they are injured at work