Commercial comparative rater

A comparative rater is an environment where a user inputs information once and receives many responses, quotes and rates based on that information and can make a comparative choice.

Who is SFM connected with for commercial comparative raters?

Currently, SFM is connected to Vertafore commercial submissions and Tarmika – product of Ivans.

How can I configure my agency management system / commercial comparative rater to receive quotes from SFM?

If you are an appointed agency with SFM and your agency uses one of the platforms for commercial comparative rating that SFM is connected to, you will need to request access to utilize SFM in the commercial comparative rater.

Request access

I am set up to quote on the commercial comparative rater with SFM, what do I enter in my commercial comparative rater system to be able to receive quotes through the commercial comparative raters?

Once you have confirmed set up with SFM, you will need to enter two pieces of information in your system:

  • User ID – this will be your SFM agency manager (SAM) user ID
  • Agency number (the number you were assigned when your agency first started doing business with SFM)

If you don’t know your SAM ID or agency number you can:

I use a comparative rater but not appointed as an agency with SFM?

If you use one of the comparative raters that SFM is connected to and would like to quote with SFM but are not yet appointed as an agency, you can fill out your information here.

Who at SFM can I contact with questions/issues?

If you are having issues specifically with SFM on the commercial comparative rater, please email us (select “Commercial comparative rater question” from the “How can we help?” drop-down on the contact form).