Frequently asked questions for agents


What are SFM’s payment plans?

In Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin, SFM’s payment plans are:

  • Premium greater than $5,000:
    25 percent down and nine monthly payments
  • Premium from $1,500 to $4,999:
    25 percent down and three quarterly
  • Premium from $500 to $1,499:
    50 percent down and one semi-annual
  • Premium less than $500: annual pay
  • For direct billing, the installment fee is $5


Do I need to collect the deposit premium on a direct bill?

If you wish, yes. Otherwise, SFM will send a bill on a direct bill account.


Does SFM offer wage reporting or a pay-as-you-go option?

  • Yes, SFM’s online wage reporting option is available for all types of policyholders with at least $1,000 in premium.
  • Policyholders can review previous wage reports and invoices and can make online payments.
  • An initial collateral deposit may be required and adjusted at renewal. If a collateral deposit is required then the following guidelines will be followed with some possibility for adjustment, depending upon policyholder specific circumstances: monthly 15%; quarterly 25%; semi-annual 50%.


What kind of information should I include when submitting an application for consideration to SFM?

Providing SFM underwriters with accurate and complete application materials helps to get a better picture of the employer’s operation controls.

Required application materials include:

  • Completed ACORD application
  • Currently valued three- to five-year loss runs
  • Experience mod worksheet

If you have additional information about an individual operation, please include it with your submission.


Can employers pay premiums electronically?

Yes, employers billed directly by SFM have the option to pay premiums online.


What kinds of resources do you have to help an employer with return-to-work?

We have lists of transitional job ideas, a return-to-work sample policy, sample job offer letter and more available on our website.


Who should I call at SFM with accounting questions?

Call accounts receivable, (952) 838-4200 ext. 4405 or toll free at (800) 937-1181 ext. 4405.


What type of business does SFM write?

SFM underwriters are encouraged to consider all types and sizes of accounts. Please contact your underwriter with specific questions.


How do I submit applications to SFM?


Where can I find SFM’s rates online?

You can find SFM’s rates in SFM Agency Manager (SAM), or call your SFM underwriter.


How do I bind coverage?


How do I receive policy documents?

SFM policy documents are made available to your agency electronically as PDF files.

  • Policy documents are retrieved in SFM Agency Manager (SAM). Be sure individuals responsible for retrieving policy documents from SAM have password access to it. Contact us to register.
  • Your agency location will receive an email notifying you when a PDF file containing an SFM policy and related documents is available to be retrieved. If you have not already done so, let SFM know what email address to use to send these notifications. SFM needs one address for each agency location.
  • You, as the agency, are responsible for delivering a copy of the policy documents to the insured. SFM does not deliver policy documents to the insured.


How do I set up a partnership between my agency and SFM?

Complete an SFM agency partnership request to tell us about your agency and we will contact you to discuss a partnership.