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What’s available through IVANS Download?

IVANS Download is a data exchange network that allows agencies to download policy and commission data directly into their agency management systems.

SFM will offer downloads of:

  • Policy information
  • Commission data
  • Claims data
  • eDocs
    Please note: If you receive downloads of eDocs, you will no longer receive documents via SFM Agency Manager (SAM). Also, downloading eDocs is an add-on feature in some agency management systems.


What are the benefits of using IVANS Download?

IVANS Download automates the process of getting SFM’s data into your system.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminating data entry
  • Reducing information requests
  • Knowing your data is always up to date
  • Preventing errors


How can I get my agency signed up for IVANS Download?

Whether you’re already an IVANS Download user, or haven’t used it before, the first step is to fill out our registration form.

To register, you will need:

  • Your SFM agency code for each location (if you don’t have it, contact your underwriter)
  • Your IVANS Y-code for each location (current IVANS users only)

If you have questions or need help, please contact us.

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What if I don’t have an IVANS Y Account?

You can register now to get one.


Are there specific agency management systems that can be used for IVANS Download?

IVANS Transfer Manager is integrated with more than 30 agency management systems.

For a complete list of agency management systems go to IVANS’ Vendor Resources Guide .


How do I configure my agency management system to receive downloads from SFM?

You will need to enter the following information in your agency management system:

  • SFM’s NAIC codes: 11347 – SFM Mutual Insurance Company, 27049 – SFM Select Insurance Company, 15702 – SFM Safe Insurance Company
  • Line of Business: Commercial Workers Comp

If you need help with configuration, contact your agency management system vendor or IVANS Connections at


How do I enter policy numbers to ensure data matches correctly?

Enter SFM policy numbers in your agency management system as follows: 123456.111. If there are zeros before the policy number, it may not match correctly.


What transaction types are supported?

New Business (NBS), Renewal (RWL), Policy Change (PCH), Rewrite (REW), Cancel Confirmation (XLC), Cancel Request (XLN), Reinstatement (REI), Non Renewal (RWX), Reverse Non Renewal (RNR), Reissue (RIX), Commission (COM), Premium Audit (PAB), New Business Quote (NBQ), Renewal Quote (RWQ), Renewal Request (RWR), Renewal Requote (RRQ), Policy Change Quote (PCQ), Non Renewal-Agency (NRA), Account Current Reconcile (ACR), Direct Bill Reconcile (DCR), Download Setup Tx (DSP), Loss Notice (LNT), Misc Print (PRT), Adjuster Assignment (ADJ), Surety Bond Approval (APV), Anniversary Re-Rating (ARR), Bond Change (BCH), Bond Closed (BDC), Binder (BND), Surety Bond Request (BRQ), Surety Bid Bond Results (BRS), Claim Information (CLI), Claim Number Assignment (CLN), Claim Status Update (CLS), Contact (CON), Claims Inquiry (CSQ), Direct Bill Reconciliation (DBR), Direct Bill Status (DBS), Dividend Transaction (DIV), Error Messages (ERR), Electronic Memo (MEM), Claims Payment (PMT), Policy Inquiry (PNQ), Policy (POL), Premium Audit (PRMAU), Prospect (PRO), Claim Reserve (RES), Assignment Reversal (REV); Cancellation Pending (XLP)


What is SFM’s machine address, user ID and Y account number?

  • SFM Machine Address: IBM952SFMMIC
  • User ID/Mailbox: STAT801
  • Y account number: STAT8