Common invoice questions

Have questions about your invoice? Please see the below explanations for more details.


Why does my invoice amount differ from my installment schedule?

If you pay your workers’ compensation premium in installments, the amount due you see on your invoice will include an installment fee. If you pay your bill online with your checking account, your installment fee will be waived. If your account is on AutoPay through your checking account, your invoice amount will still include the installment fee, but this will still be removed when the bill is paid.

Why am I seeing a late pay/reinstatement charge?

If your policy went into pending cancellation for non-payment or audit noncompliance, but you then paid or completed your audit prior to the final cancellation deadline, you may see a reinstatement fee on your next invoice.

What do you specifically mean by “invoice date” and “due date”?

The invoice date is the date we generated the invoice. If you submitted a payment after that date, it may not be reflected on the invoice. The due date is the date that you must have your payment to our office. If you are mailing your payment, please allow time for delivery. Otherwise, paying online is a good option if you need to get the payment to us quickly.

It says my account is on AutoPay, do I still have to pay?

If you are on AutoPay, then your invoice should be paid automatically on the invoice date with no action from you. Invoices are typically issued six weeks before the bill is due, so if you canceled AutoPay within that window, then you would still need to pay before the due date using another method.

What is a Minnesota Special Compensation Fund assessment?

This assessment goes toward paying all governmental costs of administering workers’ compensation and special programs of the system. This includes payment of benefits to injured employees of uninsured employers.

What if I don’t see an answer to my question here?

If you have another question regarding your invoice, you can call your agent or our billing department at 952-838-4405. You can also use our contact form to email us your question.