Pay-as-you-go wage reporting

SFM’s pay-as-you-go online wage reporting system allows you to periodically report payroll for class codes and make workers’ compensation premium payments.


  • Internet-based, eliminating paperwork
  • Immediate wage reporting and premium payment options
  • Easy to use

Matching your business needs

Our wage reporting system is designed for policyholders directly billed by SFM, and for those with more than $1,000 in premium.

If you are in a business with fluctuating cash flows like landscaping, construction or hospitality, you can make premium payments to match your seasonal business.

Getting started

You can enroll when your policy begins or when it’s time to renew. Contact your agent to enroll in pay-as-you-go wage reporting. 


If you have questions about wage reporting or your invoice, contact our Finance Team at (800) 937-1181.

For questions about CompOnline, call support at (800) 937-1181.