Injured worker frequently asked questions

NOTE: The information below relates to work injuries occurring in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Please contact your Gallagher Bassett claims representative or call (800) 922-5246 for information on claims that happened in other states.

What do workers’ compensation benefits cover?

Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover medical costs and lost wages due to work-related injuries. To learn more, visit our benefits overview page.

What is a waiting period?

A waiting period is the number of days you must be off work due to a work-related injury before benefits for lost wages begin. The waiting period is three days in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. It’s seven days in Nebraska and South Dakota.

What happens if I can’t do my regular job due to my injury? Will I still get paid?

You may still be able to return to work in a modified or light-duty role if you have medical restrictions that prevent you from doing your regular job. Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover two-thirds of the difference if you receive less than your usual pay. If you can’t work at all, workers’ compensation benefits generally pay two-thirds of your average weekly wage, within minimum and maximum limits set by your state. Your state also has a set number of days you must be off work before you can begin receiving benefits. (See the question about waiting periods below for more information on that.) A number of other factors also come into play, so make sure to talk with your claims representative to get details on your specific situation.

Why are all these people calling me?

Your claims representative will usually be your main contact for questions or updates on your workers’ compensation claim. You might also hear from others at SFM such as a medical case manager (usually a nurse) or rehabilitation consultant, depending on your needs and circumstances. Nurses might get involved to make sure you’re getting the best treatment for your injury. Rehabilitation consultants sometimes help you return to work. They’re all focused on helping you recover and get back to work.

Woman sitting with an injured worker in a cast, helping him fill out paperwork

I need prescription medication. How do I get it?

Watch your mail for a card from a prescription vendor we use called myMatrixx. Use this card at network pharmacies to fill prescriptions for your work-related injury with no out-of-pocket costs to you. If you haven’t received your card in the mail yet, you can you can print a temporary prescription card or ask your claim representative to text it to you. Check the letter that arrives in the mail along with your card for network pharmacies, or use the myMatrixx pharmacy locator .

How do I get reimbursed for mileage?

Fill out our mileage and travel reimbursement form . You can also create a written request that includes your name, claim number, date of travel, addresses traveled to and from, and the round-trip mileage. Email, fax or mail this information to your claims representative. We suggest you submit mileage every two weeks or once a month. If you wait longer, it may take longer to process.

What should I do with medical bills or balance due statements?

If you receive a medical bill or balance due statement for services related to your work injury, please send it to us at:

SFM Companies
PO Box 9416
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Who pays my medical bills?

The insurer your employer uses for workers’ compensation coverage (like SFM) generally pays bills related to work-related injuries. The laws in your state dictate whether your injury is considered work-related.

Where should my doctor’s office send medical bills?

Please let your doctor know you have filed a workers’ compensation claim. Have the provider send bills to:

SFM Companies
PO Box 9416
Minneapolis, MN 55440

Woman with injured leg sitting at home and looking at a laptop computer

When will I get paid?

It usually takes 14-30 days from the date you are injured to pay lost-time benefits, depending on your state’s deadlines. Our claims representatives try to issue checks as soon as possible after they have all the information needed to determine that you’re eligible to receive benefits.

How much will I get paid?

Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover two-thirds of lost wages due to a work injury, subject to minimum and maximum limits. Workers’ compensation benefits are not taxable. You could receive additional benefits if you have a permanent loss of function due to an injury. See additional information on our benefits page, or contact your claims representative to learn more.

Will benefit checks come to me, or my employer?

You will receive benefit checks directly.

Can I have my checks automatically deposited?

Yes. Direct deposit can be a good option if you receive benefits for more than two months. Visit the direct deposit page for set-up instructions.

Can I access my claim information online?

Yes. If you have a workers’ compensation claim with us, you can access information such as your claim number, claim details, payment status and more through SFM’s Claim Connection. Visit the Claim Connection page for additional information.