Video transcript: What to expect after you’ve been injured at work

English language full transcript

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[Light, upbeat background music plays. The exterior of a seafood restaurant building appears onscreen]

Narrator: You probably got into this line of work more for this kind of thing…

[A chef wearing his uniform proudly lifts the lid from a platter to reveal a fresh lobster to a couple eating dinner. The chef smiles and the man gives him the thumbs-up signal.]

Narrator: …than this kind of thing.

[The chef reaches into an aquarium with a gloved hand to pull out a lobster with a smile on his face. Then he suddenly jumps up and starts screaming. He then reveals his arm with an eaten-through glove and multiple lobsters pinching and clinging to his arm directly. The scene then switches to the chef sitting in an armchair watching a “Cooking with Charlene” show, presumably from his living room. He raises his right arm, which is covered in bandages. He is wearing a shirt that says “I’m the chef.”]

Narrator: At this point you just want to get better and get back to normal life. We get it. As your employer’s workers’ comp insurer.

[A logo that reads SFM The Work Comp Experts appears onscreen]

Narrator: SFM wants you to know that when you work with us we’ll work hard to see you’re taken care of.

[The scene changes to show the chef standing by his mailbox. He holds up a stack of letters. Next he holds up a get well card and a hospital bill.]

Narrator: State laws grant employees a certain amount of compensation for medical expenses and lost wages due to work-related injuries.

[The chef holds up a form showing instructions and his claim number.]

Narrator: We’ll mail you instructions and your claim number. Keep it handy.

[The scene changes again. The chef is now in his kitchen. He hangs the form with instructions and his claim number on the fridge. His phone is sitting nearby, and it’s flashing with the word “call” on the screen.]

Narrator: You may receive phone calls from your claims representative.

[The scene goes to a split screen with the chef talking on his phone on the left side, and his SFM claims representative talking on his phone on the right side.]

Narrator: They’ll fill you in about which benefits you may qualify for and when you might receive them, so please respond when they reach out.

[The scene changes to show the chef sitting on a bed in his doctor’s office. He is looking at his doctor, who is holding a clipboard. The screen then focuses in on her clipboard, which contains a form called a “Work Ability/Return-to-work form.”]

Narrator: Every time you visit your doctor have them fill out the form that tells your employer what kinds of work you can do.

[A website with the SFM logo and “SELECT A FORM:” shows up on the screen. A cursor hovers over the following form titles below: “Work ability/return-to-work form,” “Mileage and travel reimbursement form,” and “Authorization to release health information.”]

Narrator: You can find helpful forms like these on SFM’s website.

[The scene changes to show the chef wearing his uniform in front of three coworkers and a table with a big cake on it. There’s a banner hanging that says “welcome back.”]

Narrator: No one should have to walk the road to recovery alone and at SFM, we’re here to help every step of the way.

[The chef winks. The scene changes to SFM’s logo. Below that, is SFM’s web address,, and phone number, (800) 937-1181.]

Spanish language transcript

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Narrator: Es probable que se haya involucrado en esta línea de trabajo más por este tipo de cosas…que por este. A esta altura, solo quiere mejorar y volver a su vida normal. Lo entendemos. Como aseguradora de indemnización laboral de su empleador. SFM quiere que sepa que cuando trabaja con nosotros trabajaremos duro para que lo atiendan bien. Las leyes estatales otorgan a los empleados un monto de compensación por gastos médicos y salarios perdidos por lesiones laborales. Le enviaremos por correo instrucciones y su número de reclamación. Téngalo a mano. Podrá recibir llamadas de su representante de reclamaciones. Él le informará para qué beneficios califica y cuándo podría recibirlos, así que por favor, responda cuando lo contacten.Cada vez que visite a su médico, hágale llenar el formulario que le informa a su empleador qué clase de tareas puede hacer usted. Encontrará formularios útiles como ese en el sitio web de SFM. Nadie debería recorrer solo el camino a la recuperación, y en SFM estamos para ayudarlo en cada paso.