Medical bills and procedures

Medical providers who treat injured workers covered by SFM should use the information below to correctly route medical bills and records, or to request medical procedures on behalf of patients.


Where to send medical bills and records

Send electronically:
Submit electronic bills and attachments through our e-billing agent Jopari Solutions.

Sign up at or call (866) 269-0554. SFM’s e-billing Payer ID is J1553.

Please note that in Minnesota state law requires medical providers to submit bills electronically.

Send by mail:

SFM Companies
PO Box 9416
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Email us

How to get payments via direct deposit, eCheck or paper check

SFM and SFM Risk Solutions pay medical providers through Jopari Solutions.

Providers will receive payments via virtual card unless they specify otherwise.

To receive payments via direct deposit (ACH/EFT) or eCheck, visit the Jopari Portal to sign up.

To receive payments via paper checks, please call Jopari at 1-800-630-3060.

Requests for medical procedures

Please fax any requests for medical procedures with supporting documentation to SFM at (800) 944-1169.