Avoid lifting injuries

Lifting is part of everyday life and part of everyone's job to some degree.

Back injuries are common at work and can be very debilitating. But they can be easily prevented by following some best practices in body mechanics, material handling, load planning, workspace organization and worker rotation.

Create awareness about safe lifting techniques.

Use our safe lifting resources to fix wrong behaviors and train employees about proper body mechanics when bending and lifting.

Educate your supervisors

Advice is followed most when it comes from the top. Supervisors play a huge role in demonstrating, training and setting expectations for employees on proper lifting techniques. They are also key in watching for potential risks and working to reduce them. Use our supervisor tools to get your supervisors up to speed.

A supervisor's role in back injury prevention
Supervisor strategies for reducing lifting hazards in the workplace

Help employees plan their lifts

Tell your employees to avoid lifting when possible.

If they have to lift, explain the proper way to lift using our four-step approach:

  • Keep your head up
  • Keep the load close
  • Use a staggered stance
  • Don't twist

Download and print our "Plan your lift" handout and give copies to your employees.

View "Plan your lift" handout

Posters, envelope stuffers and more

Use our posters, table tents, envelope stuffers and email attachments to generate employee awareness. Switch them out regularly to keep them fresh. We offer materials for four different jobs / industries where back injuries are common:

Train your employees

Use our supervisor initiated training (SIT) and 5-minute solution tools to help train your employees. Many are specific to safe lifting and are quick and easy refreshers for your staff throughout the year.

Additional training tools

See below for a full listing of all of our safe lifting materials.

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