Stretching and movement - Get up and move at work

You may have heard the "sitting is the new smoking" analogy and scoffed at the idea that sitting too long would have such a negative impact. But studies show that the risk of sitting too much or standing in the same position too long can have some serious impacts on your health.

Get up and move

The good news is, whether you sit or stand for work, something as simple as taking breaks and moving throughout the workday not only impacts your general health, but can do a lot to prevent pain, strains and injuries at work.

Use our "Get up and move" series to help promote movement and stretching in your workplace.



Walk in place

Arm circles

Raise the roof

High reach

Shoulder rolls

Hamstring curls


Hand stretch

Wrist stretch

Neck stretch

Rotation stretch

Backward bend

Order a packet

Order our "Get up and Move stretching kit" to help you start a stretching program for your organization.

The packet includes:

  • A supervisor’s guide on how to start a stretching program
  • Stretching instructional handouts for employees
  • Posters, table tents and envelope stuffers to promote your program
  • Training tools and more

Download a PDF

Order a packet

Additional materials

Use our get up and move and stretching posters, table tent, envelope stuffer, stretching guides, training tools and more to create awareness for your employees. See below for a full listing of our get up and move materials.

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