Safe driving telematics


Aggressive driving has been shown to increase vehicle crashes. We partner with StriveSafe by Geoforce to provide a low-cost option to monitor your employees’ driving behavior when they are required to drive on the job.

Vehicle monitoring, or telematics, is an easy way to encourage safe driving habits and give visibility to vehicle location in real time.

A subscription is required to participate, but SFM policyholders can subscribe at a discount rate.


Program benefits

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Encourages safe driving behavior

Uses gamification and friendly competition to create scores for employees on key driving dynamics.

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Real-time vehicle monitoring

Monitors key behaviors like speed vs. posted limits, hard braking and rapid acceleration.

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Top driver recognition

Weekly and monthly “scorecards” summarize drivers’ scores and compare them to others.

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Easy vehicle installation

Installation is easy on most vehicles built in the last 20 years with simple plug and play operation for standard transponders.

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Discounted subscription cost

Subscribe at a reduced rate as an SFM policyholder. Sign up for $100 per vehicle and $15 per month.

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Enhanced package options

Upgrade your package and get real-time vehicle location, notifications of events, and expanded reports and analytics.

How to sign up

StriveSafe by Geoforce

To learn more and sign up, call (877) 516-9373.