Payment information for state program employers

As an SFM policyholder with coverage through your state’s workers’ compensation program, it is your responsibility to pay all premium payments when they are due to avoid a lapse in your coverage. Please pay attention to your policy’s effective date when making a payment to ensure it is received within the required timeframe. Read below for details on payment options and specific requirements.

Forms of payment

Paying online is the fastest and easiest way to pay your state program workers’ compensation premium. You can also pay by check or money order.

Pay my bill online

If you are paying by mail, send a check or money order in the exact amount to our general mailing address listed below. Policy numbers and/or invoice numbers must be written on checks for mailed payments. Please allow enough time for us to receive your check by mail and post payment to your account.

SFM Mutual Insurance Company
Attn: Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Insurance Pool
P.O. Box 9406
Minneapolis, MN 55440

If you need to send your payment by overnight mail, please send to the following address:

SFM Mutual Insurance Company
Attn: Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation Insurance Pool
3500 American Blvd W, Suite 700
Bloomington, MN 55431

Payments for renewal policies

Required renewal payment must be received on or before the renewal policy’s effective date. 

If the payment is received after the effective date of renewal, but not more than 90 days after the effective date, we will issue a new policy with an effective date of one day after the received date.  The policy expiration date will remain the same.

If payment is received more than 90 days after the renewal effective date of the policy, you must reapply to the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Insurance Pool.  The payment will be returned.

Installment plans

Policies having an estimated annual premium of less than $2,000 are not eligible for interim premium adjustments.

Call (952) 838-4336 if you are interested in setting one up.

Financed policies

Financed policies set up by an agent can be cancelled by the finance company if you fail to make payment to the finance company. It is important to note that SFM is not the finance company. Financed policies are subject to audit.

Unpaid audits

We send unpaid audits to collections after the payment time frame has expired.

Cancelled policies

You will need to complete a short-term audit on the cancelled policy. A short-term audit is done during the policy period to assess accuracy of the classifications and premium.


If you have billing questions, call us at (833) 949-4336 or email us.