15 ways to be your own SAFETY HERO, like Skip

Follow these tips from our resident safety super hero, Skip, to stay more aware of potential hazards in the workplace.

  1. Defend yourself against workplace accidents by being aware of hazards.
  2. Be a good example. Practice safety in every aspect of your job.
  3. Lift properly – Have a staggered stance. Keep the load close. Keep your head up. Don’t twist.
  4. Join your company’s safety committee, or participate in a meeting.
  5. Mentor new employees on safety.
  6. Slow your pace and focus on your task. Don’t be distracted.
  7. Hang new safety posters and replace old ones.
  8. Help investigate an accident or near miss.
  9. Participate in a safety inspection of your work area.
  10. Acknowledge coworkers for safe actions, such as cleaning up spills or wearing personal protective equipment.
  11. Conduct a weekly safety talk for your team.
  12. Wear slip-resistant footwear when working in wet environments.
  13. Inspect equipment before use, such as ladders and power tools.
  14. Report unsafe conditions such as broken equipment, leaks, insufficient lighting, improper labeling of chemical containers, and unsafe work practices.
  15. If a situation feels wrong or unsafe, stop what you are doing and talk with a supervisor about your concerns. Don’t put yourself at risk.


For resources to share the safety message with your employees, search SFM's safety materials or visit the "Safety" section of our website for other great safety-related resources. 

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