Four housekeeping tips for a safer construction site

Cleanliness is next to godliness, the saying goes. In construction, cleanliness reduces risk of injury.

Proper housekeeping is an important part of keeping your construction site safe and avoiding OSHA penalties. Accidents such as trips and falls, being struck by falling objects and cutting or puncturing the skin can often be avoided by keeping a jobsite neat and organized.

Here are some guidelines to create a safer workplace:

  • Clean up debris
    Keep all walking and working surfaces clean and clear of debris. Clean as you go to prevent build-up of debris and to minimize the amount of time needed to clean a larger mess at the end of the day. Watch for debris in stairwells.
  • Pay attention to proper storage
    Identify designated areas for storing tools and materials. Out-of-place objects such as leaning lumber, plywood and other materials can cause trips and falls. Stack materials orderly and secure them so they won’t fall.
  • Eliminate hazards
    Clear away protruding pipes, lumber, rebar or other materials that could cause injury. Bend over or remove nails that are sticking out of lumber. Provide adequate lighting.
  • Keep extension cords clear of walkways
    Extension cords and airlines should be elevated, if possible, out of walkways, or covered with lumber or plywood. When not in use, coil up and neatly store.

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