Easy way to avoid winter falls: Step down, not out.

A quarter of winter slip-and-fall injuries reported to SFM occur in parking lots. These injuries are often severe and affect all kinds of businesses.

Encourage your employees to use the “Step down, not out” method to avoid falls while getting out of their vehicles and stepping off curbs. Step down with both feet when getting out of a vehicle and step flat footed from a curb to reduce your chance of slipping.

Watch the video for a demonstration of this simple but effective method for avoiding winter falls.

How to step down, not out of a vehicle

  1. Swing both legs out to the side.
  2. Place both feet, flat footed, on the ground.
  3. Grab onto the door frame or steering wheel to help support yourself to a standing position.
  4. Use at least three points of contact—two feet and one hand—a practice used by professional drivers.

Walking safely off a curb

  1. Shorten your steps. Do not step too far out.
  2. Step flat footed off the curb. This minimizes your forward momentum. It also helps ensure your leading foot doesn’t land heel-first and result in a slip.


Download this penguin poster to spread the word at your workplace.

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