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Company news

SFM Foundation announces leadership changes

The SFM Foundation’s Board of Directors announced that Linda Williams would be the new President and Lindsay Henningsgaard would be the new Executive Director of the charitable organization.

Kathy Bray announced as SFM’s VP and General Counsel

SFM Mutual Insurance Co. has named Kathy Bray as its new Vice President and General Counsel. This appointment went into effect on April 29.

SFM gives to over 50 charities within the last year

We donate to many charities throughout the year in the communities where our employees live and our policyholders do business. Last year we gave to over 50 organizations.

Chad Hagedorn announced as SFM’s CIO

SFM has named Chad Hagedorn as its new Chief Information Officer. This appointment went into effect on March 1.

David Kaiser announced as SFM’s COO

SFM has named David Kaiser to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President.

Goodrich named CompRehab President and Chief Operating Officer

SFM selected Stacie Goodrich to lead its vocational rehabilitation subsidiary, CompRehab, to replace longtime President and COO Tim Collin.

SFM Foundation launches new website

The SFM Foundation released an enhanced version of its website. The new site offers a fresh design featuring photos of scholarship recipients and their families, provides an improved mobile experience, illustrates the Foundation’s mission, and showcases the impact it has made in the last 10 years.

Buy tickets for the SFM Foundation Nov. 8 wine and craft beer fundraiser

The SFM Foundation is excited to invite supporters to its first Wine and Craft Beer Tasting event November 8, 2018. All money raised supports the Foundation’s scholarship program for students whose lives have been impacted by workplace accidents.

Governors of Minnesota and Iowa proclaim Kids' Chance Awareness Week

The governors of Minnesota and Iowa have each announced that November 12-16, 2018 is to be officially known as Kids' Chance Awareness Week.

SFM Board names Miller President and Chief Executive Officer

The SFM Mutual Insurance Co. Board of Directors has named Terry Miller President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. Miller succeeds long-time CEO Bob Lund, who concludes a remarkable 12 year tenure as SFM's leader.

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