Learn and grow at SFM

Continual learning is a top priority for us. We make it easy for employees to get what they need to stretch themselves and grow.

Job-related training

We develop new employee training plans to help new employees:

  • Get an overview of SFM and our operations
  • Learn individual job responsibilities 
  • Meet others throughout the organization
  • Gain a better understanding of workers’ compensation 

In some cases, employees new to insurance are part of formal training programs that combine classroom and on-the-job training to learn about workers’ compensation from the ground up.

Industry training

  • In-house classes: We offer many classes and seminars throughout the year to all employees to keep them up to date on the latest laws, regulations, research and other developments.
  • Outside classes: Employees are encouraged to attend outside job-related classes and conferences to keep current on industry best practices.
  • Financial updates: We offer quarterly updates on our financial performance.

We make it easy for employees to get what they need to stretch themselves and grow.


Employees can attend cross-training classes to learn about other areas of the company and get a broader understanding of the many facets of workers’ compensation.

Projects, committees and events

Employees have many opportunities to be part of, or in some cases lead, various project teams, events and company committees to:

  • Learn another area of the business
  • Expand or hone their skills
  • Network with employees from other areas of the company
  • Add variety to their workload
  • Develop and expand leadership skills

Leadership training

Employees can also apply to be part of our leadership program. Participants attend a series of workshops that include:

  • Discussions
  • Team building exercises
  • Social events

The goals are to:

  • Provide leadership opportunities
  • Prepare employees for more advanced roles in the future
Learn and grow at SFM: Aspire logo

Growing future leaders is a top priority.

Mentorship program

Employees can apply to be part of our mentorship program. We match employees with mentors who offer guidance and advice on specific goals and areas of interest.

The program:

  • Lasts from three months to one year depending on goals set
  • Is meant for employees looking for career direction or wanting to learn new skills
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Support for ongoing education

Many employees work toward certifications or advanced degrees while working at SFM. Employees can apply to be reimbursed part of the cost of their schooling when topics studied relate to their job.