Workers’ compensation employer guide

Thank you for choosing SFM as your workers’ compensation carrier. Below, you’ll find information to help you get started working with us. If you’d like this information in print, you can download or order our Workers’ Compensation Employer Guide packet.

Be prepared for work injuries

Follow these steps to be ready in case an injury occurs at your workplace:

For more information, download the work injury checklist booklet or watch our video on reporting injuries and return-to-work.


Workers' compensation employer guide

Prevent work injuries

Preventing work injuries protects your employees and your bottom line.

To prevent injuries, we recommend the following:

  • Use thorough hiring practices including background checks, pre-employment physicals in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • Provide safety training for all employees on day one, as new employees are most likely to be injured, and regularly after that.
  • Have a safety coordinator and/or committee to do things like provide safety training, investigate incidents, implement corrective actions and analyze safety data.
  • Have a reliable written safety program that includes setting measurable goals and monitoring progress.
  • Enforce safety policies and address performance issues by disciplining problem employees when necessary.

For more information, see the safety page.


Help employees return to work

When employees are injured at work, it’s important to help them return to work as soon as possible. This reduces the chances they will never return, which benefits the employee and your organization.

To have a successful return-to-work program:

For more information, see the after reporting an injury page.


Additional resources

The following resources provide more information for employers: