Helping students, regardless of who insured the injured: SFM Foundation

The SFM Foundation, created by SFM in 2008, provides college scholarship funds for students whose parents were killed or seriously injured in workplace accidents.

Of the 247 scholarships the SFM Foundation has awarded over the years, nearly 95 percent have gone to students whose parents’ employers were not covered for workers’ compensation by SFM Companies.

In fact, the SFM Foundation does not consider the work comp insurer when awarding scholarships. We aim to serve the entire community, and more than 60 different insurance companies have had scholarships awarded by our program.

“It’s important for us to focus on helping students achieve their dreams, regardless of which carrier their parent’s injury is with,” said Linda Williams, SFM Foundation President.

Other insurance carriers have also taken notice of the efforts. A local carrier with national reach that could be considered a competitor of SFM is a longtime sponsor of the foundation.

Since its inception, the SFM Foundation has awarded $4.1 million in scholarship money.

“We want to help these students, and it doesn’t matter who their parent’s insurer was. It’s about doing what we can to support families at a time when they are really going through some tough challenges in their lives,” Williams said.

And by not considering the work comp carrier of the student’s parent, it opens up the door for a wider range of individuals to receive support for their college careers.

In its first year, the SFM Foundation provided $57,000 in scholarship money. In 2023, it was $482,500. And the SFM Foundation is among the top organizations in the country providing similar philanthropy.

“Seeing the responses from the young people we have awarded scholarships to over the years has been incredible,” Williams said. “The SFM Foundation is committed to making a difference in the lives of students and their families.”


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