In volunteer role, SFM CFO brings expertise to Children’s Minnesota hospitals

Amanda Aponte
Amanda Aponte, CFO at SFM

Children’s Minnesota has been recognized as one of the best hospital systems for kids in the U.S.

Its mission is to “champion the health needs of children and families. (The organization is) committed to improving children’s health by providing the highest quality, family-centered care, advanced through research and education.”

“Children’s is on the leading edge of advanced care for medically delicate situations, such as post-delivery for premature babies, childhood cancer and adolescent mental health,” said Amanda Aponte, CFO at SFM. “As a mother with small children, this cause is very close to my heart.”

Now, Aponte will bring her financial expertise to the nonprofit hospital group — she’s volunteering as a Community Member on the Children’s Minnesota Hospital investment subcommittee.

In her role, Aponte will collaborate with the Children’s investment team and subcommittee members on the Children’s Minnesota hospital and Children’s Minnesota Foundation investment portfolios. She started in May 2024, attending her first investment committee meeting. The group meets quarterly.

“I’m excited to step outside of workers’ compensation and use my experience to help a different worthy cause,” Aponte said. “I’m looking forward to learning more about nonprofit financials and investment strategies.”

Those investment strategies often center around environmental, social and governance matters, developing metrics to monitor asset managers’ progress toward goals.

“The mission at Children’s is to help kids specifically,” she said. “They do this not only in their operations but also in the way they invest, such as venture capital investments that bolster childhood medical advancements.”

An actuary by training, Aponte will bring the skills she has developed at SFM to the investment portfolio at Children’s Minnesota, notably her background in fixed income investing and enterprise risk management.

“I’m thrilled to be a small piece in Children’s greater community initiatives to lift up kids and families who are experiencing difficult medical situations.”


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