Workplace safety and claims resources for employees with limited English proficiency

Do you have employees who aren’t fluent in the English language, or are more comfortable with another language?

SFM offers a number of resources to help keep these employees safe and assist if they are injured, including:

  • Claims process explanation
    SFM offers a Spanish version of its video for injured workers . The video provides a simple explanation of the claim process so that injured employees know what to expect.
  • Injury reporting
    The SFM Work Injury Hotline offers interpreters for more than 200 languages.
  • Claims questions
    For Spanish-speaking injured employees who need to ask questions about their claims, SFM offers a Spanish-language message line. They can call (800) 922-5246 and leave a message with their name, telephone number, employer’s name and question to receive a call back with an answer in Spanish. Claims representatives also have the ability to speak to injured workers in numerous languages using a live translation service.
  • Posters and forms
    We offer Spanish-language versions of important workplace posters and forms in the resource catalog. Just search for the term “Spanish” to see everything available.
  • Safety handouts
    A number of our 5-Minute Solution safety talks have been translated into Spanish, on topics such as electrical power tools , excavation and trenching and slips, trips and falls .
  • Safety videos
    Our most popular safety videos are also available in Spanish. They cover topics such as preventing winter slips and falls, lifting properly and avoiding falls in kitchen environments. See our Spanish language video playlist on YouTube to see what's available.

We are continuing to add resources in other languages. If you have a need, please let us know by filling out our contact form.

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