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How to keep school employees happy and healthy this fall

In the midst of continuous uncertainty and change, you can support your staff and faculty by giving them tools to stay healthy – both mentally and physically – during these trying times.

Ladder safety poster
Ladder safety resources

Falls from ladders continue to be a top cause of workplace injuries. Remind yourself and your employees about proper ladder safety with resources from SFM.

SFM rolls out online portal for injured workers

Injured workers covered by SFM now have 24/7 digital access to their claim information through SFM’s website through a new online portal.

Safe lifting techniques for preventing injury

Methods for safe lifting include: keep your head up, keep the load close, use a staggered stance, and remember "nose follows toes" to avoid twisting.

SFM Foundation cancels 2020 golf events

The SFM Foundation 2020 golf events are cancelled due to the coronavirus.

SFM Foundation cancels 2020 golf fundraisers

The SFM Foundation/Kids’ Chance board and many volunteers have made the difficult decision to cancel the organization’s popular golf outings for 2020 due to COVID-19. The 2021 event dates have been announced.

A manager talking to an employee on a warehouse floor
Why you have to stay vigilant on work injuries

Ideally, your employees will let you know if they are injured, but what if they don’t? You might still be legally required to report.

What happens when you choose the SFM Work Injury Hotline nurse option?

Reporting injuries through the SFM Work Injury Hotline provides injured employees the opportunity to speak with a nurse and get a treatment recommendation. Here's what to expect when you call.

Four reasons why reporting work injuries immediately helps you and your employees

Immediately reporting injuries improves medical care, accident investigation, contact with medical providers and communication with injured employees.

SFM now open to trucking business

We’re excited to share that we are now a market for trucking clients. To make it easy for you to determine whether your accounts are a fit, we’re providing clear and specific guidelines about what we’re looking for.

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